First Baptist Church Vicksburg has a passion for its community and a desire to reach those in it. God calls us to go into all the world. We believe He has gifted us for such a time as this to use our gifts and resources to extend His kingdom and reach those around us for the Lord Jesus Christ.



Each week, our pastoral team brings powerful messages that inspire us to “Love God, Love People, and Live the Gospel.”



Since moving to Vicksburg in 1981, Winky and I have been so blessed to be a part of the family of faith at First Baptist Church Vicksburg. We raised our two daughters in this church, surrounded by a host of strong, loving Christians who guided them, encouraged them, and poured the love of our Savior Jesus Christ into both of them. We have discovered first hand that our fellow believers at First Baptist understand the importance of celebrating with one another during the good times and being lovingly supportive during the hard times.

Winky is actively involved in the church’s Medical Dental Ministry, volunteers to cook for the Joy Fellowship Group, is a part of the Mississippi Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief, and is presently serving as Chairman of the Deacons at FBCV. I currently teach 5 Year Old Preschool Choir and enjoy teaching high school coed Sunday School.

If you and your family are looking for a church home, we would be so honored to welcome you to our family of faith at FBCV where God’s Word is preached, His Presence is experienced, and His Gospel is spread.

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When our family moved to Vicksburg in 1974, we looked for a Bible-teaching, mission-minded church. We found that at First Baptist Church Vicksburg. It was a place for us to grow in Bible understanding as Christians and to learn to be servants through the many ministry opportunities that were made available. Forty-five years later, First Baptist is still “that church.”

Our children now have families of their own and exhibit Christian values, many of which they learned through First Baptist.

Working through the medical/dental clinic that our church sponsors once a month enables us to share our faith through our work there as counselors. What a wonderful opportunity to show the love of Christ with many in our community!

The warm, welcoming fellowship of First Baptist attracted us many years ago, and we are happy to say that same spirit still remains today.



I was raised a member of First Baptist Church of Vicksburg, but that didn't stop me from feeling lost when I moved back home after college. All at once I went from being constantly surrounded by close friends and an endless stream of activities to my first "big girl" job and a quieter daily life. As a single woman in my 20s, I had no clue where I fit in a sea of young families with children, middle-aged parents with teenagers, and retirees - not just at church, but in Vicksburg as a whole. It was, without question, one of the most difficult seasons of my life.

After months of praying for a sense of belonging, I began to find my footing - supported all along by my church family. I was blessed to be a part of the renewal of our singles ministry, something that had not been needed for some time but became a catalyst for growth as God brought person after person in my exact life phase through our doors. I've met some of the most precious friends I'll ever have because of this ministry, and over the course of the journey First Baptist Church has become more than "my parents' church." It is the place where I belong.



We would love the opportunity to worship with you. Join us for our next upcoming service or class.